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Is the best choice for screen printing photo-realistic images containing thousands or millions colors.

Simulated Process Color Separations with Underbase 

Custom Color Separation

Simulated Process Color is the best choice for screen printing photo-realistic images containing thousands or millions colors.

Printing quality and low cost will depend on quality of your artwork and professional color separation.
We always aspire to make high-quality color separations with the fewest possible colors. It will allow your company to reduce printing costs.
If you need special colors, please choose colors from the PANTONE® Matching System (PMS) and indicate numbers on your order.
To print Simulated Process (Spot Color Separations) from Photoshop, you should use a PostScript printer or a RIP software (Raster Image Processor).The PostScript is language that describes your page and sends instructions to a PostScript printer. It is the standard for high-quality printing.If you do not have PostScript printer or a RIP software, there is a simple way that will allow you to print separations from Photoshop on a non-PostScript printer
What is a halftone?

The halftone is an image that is composed of solid dots of different size and are used to reproduce a continuous tone.
Preferred file format:

Also Accept file format:

ADOBE PHOTOSHOP (*.PSD, *TIFF, *.EPS - Encapsulated POSTSCRIPT)ADOBE Illustrator (*.EPS, *.AI)ADOBE Acrobat (*.PDF - Portable Document Format)COREL Draw (*.PSD, *.EPS, *.TIF, *.AI, *.CDR)COREL Photo Paint (*.PSD, *.EPS, *TIF)MICROSOFT PowerPoint (*.PPT)MICROSOFT Publisher (*.PUB)TIFF (*.TIF; *.TIFF - Tagged Image File Format)JPEG (*.JPG, *.JPEG - Joint Photographic Experts Group Bitmaps)JPEG2000BMP (*.BMP - Windows Bitmap)

Service Include
Color separation of your artwork into 8 or less spot colors.
White Base for dark T-Shirts
White Base for light colored or pastel T-Shirts
Highlight White
Color Correction
Brightness and Contrast Adjustment
White Balance Adjustment

How to Print Color Separations from Photoshop?
Creating Halftone Dots without a RIP!
(You can use a Postscript or not-PostScript printer.)

How to Print Color Separations in CorelDRAW?
 (Creating Halftone Dots in CorelDRAW)

How to set up color profile

Simulated process separation is the most commonly used type of separation for printing photo-realistic images and t-shirt designs that contain millions of colors.  The sep process uses elliptical halftones that layer on top of each other using opaque inks to create the multitude of colors in the art.

We use simulated process separation on the most complex and/or photorealistic designs. Pantone ink colors using varying halftone percentages are layered to simulate additional ink colors. Blending is enhanced by using wet-on-wet print techniques.