Special Jobs

Color Seps 
Do you need a great set of seps for that special customer or hard job Design? Let us do a high-end set of seps for light or dark shirts for only $15, or a New Design in PNG for DTG printers, or an PSD, AI Art... Our specialty is creating Tshirts, that print easy and are bright and accurate. 

Sometimes you get a job that is just too complicated or critical and you need help from a professional. We do thousands of Tshirts, and color separations per year for large and small companies.
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special designs in PSD, AI, costs may vary depending on the complexity.

You can place your brand or logo designs, do it for you only paying an extra $ 5, I get the PNG file and the PDF file with the separation of colors, so that positions your brand! You can send us your logo, or just your name and we will respond with a proposal for you to personalize your shirts, and so grow own indentity

we can help you! send us your logo and your ideas!clic here!